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Award-Winning Sushi Candy

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Sushi is probably the best and most widely known type of Japanese food. Influenced by Japan's fake-food trend, these candy pieces look extremely realistic, making them a great, original present to offer an unsuspecting friend!

In Japan the phenomenon of fake food is so huge you can pretty much find food-shaped anything, from key chains to erasers. However, this sushi candy leaves them all behind—because, of course, it can still be eaten, marking a new level in fake food! With their realistic look, these candies will fool anyone!

And with sushi being so representative of Japan, how could you not want to bring some home as a souvenir? You can't do it with the real thing, so why not fake out your friends? Best of all, these candies are safe for anyone who's still leery of real raw fish!

With their creamy flavor and light aroma of fruit, these candies won the U.S.A. prize at the Japanese Tourism Agency's Japanese Souvenir Contest 2012—meaning they were deemed best suited as a present for people back home in the U.S.!

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