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5 Cosmic Night Views in Japan's National Parks

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Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean there's nothing left to enjoy in a national park. Whether on a lonely beach or a mountain plateau, reduced light pollution often offers a brilliant chance to glimpse a once-in-a-lifetime night view!

Ebino Plateau (Miyazaki)

The Ebino Plateau (えびの高原・Ebino Kogen) sits on the Miyazaki side of the prefectural border with Kagoshima.

Goshikidai Highland (Kagawa)

Goshikidai (五色台・Goshikidai) is an extensive lava plateau.

Hiro no Hama (Mie)

Clear autumn skies let visitors to Hiro no Hama (広の浜) take in stunning sunsets and moon-viewing.

Daido Hara (Niigata)

Daido Hara (大洞原) can be found in Myoko-Togakushi Mountains National Park, facing Mount Myoko (妙高山・Moko-san) to the west.

Shiretoko Marsh (Hokkaido)

Sunset over Shiretoko Marsh (知床沼・Shiretoko Numa). If you wait for nightfall, you'll find the moon and starlit sky reflected on the surface of the water. However, be forewarned that there's no hiking trail to this secluded marsh!