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Wait, What?! A Yellow Watermelon?

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Wait, What?! A Yellow Watermelon?

Japan is home to several wonderful and even strange fruits. As the seasonal displays change, sometimes unusual fruits come with it, like the less common yellow watermelon. And when Donald, also known as The Japan Guy, passed up one at his local grocery store, he couldn't help but pick up a pack and take it home to give it a try.

I walked through the grocery store the other day and I was buying fruit. I picked up some blackberries, some apples, and was about to run along on my merry way when all of a sudden a glimpse of a yellow fruit set off my Spidey Senses (oh man, I wish). I turned and sure enough, right in front of me were three slices of yellow watermelon. I looked around wondering if I was the only person who was seeing this. My guess is one of three things could have happened:

1) I was high on LSD
2) Doctor Octopus released some type of nerve gas into the grocery store and it was beginning to affect my color perception, or
3) Yellow watermelon actually exists!

I reasoned through the different scenarios. One was out because I don’t do drugs, not that I’m aware of anyway. Two, although slightly more plausible for me, couldn’t be right either, because there were no supervillains in sight. So the only possible answer was three, there are actually yellow watermelons in Japan. So, I couldn’t resist, I took those watermelon slices home with me, just to see if the tasted any different from the reddish-pink-fleshed watermelon that I was used to eating.

How was it? You'll have to click the link below to see the rest of The Japan Guy's yellow watermelon adventure.

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