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Fall, My Favorite Japanese Season

Autumn Colors Ibaraki

When people consider moving to Japan, they are often curious about what the weather is like—just how extreme Japan’s seasons can get. In most parts of Japan, you can experience all four seasons. I know here in Tsukuba, we definitely have a distinct four.

I’ve never been a huge winter fan, because winter is the time for colds, for runny noses, the flu and all kinds of other bacterial and viral goodies that come with a cold-battered immune system. Spring is another great time in Japan. But for those who have allergies, this is when they usually suffer most. Summer is just too freakin’ hot and too freakin’ humid for me to warm up to. But the fading of the summer sizzle makes way for my favorite season of them all: fall.

Ahhh fall. I love just about everything about fall. I love fall in Japan because the weather is slightly on the cooler side, which makes it perfect for running and exercise. I love looking up and seeing those brilliantly red, yellow and orange leaves against the backdrop of the fall sky. I like fall because it’s the time when I can break out my favorite clothes, the sweater vests, the blazers, etc. I enjoy reading and lounging on those autumn weekend afternoons. I've heard several Japanese people mention that fall is the best time for studying, but I don’t know if it’s true. What else?

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