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Top Places to Visit in Each Prefecture (Pt. 1)

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The following list is a compilation of top travel destinations in Japan that you have to visit before you die. For the sake of brevity, we’ve decided to showcase only one stellar site for each of the 47 prefectures, with three “bonus” attractions thrown in at the very end. With out further ado, let's start at the nation's northern island, Hokkaido.

1. Hokkaido Prefecture — The Hills of Biei

1. Hokkaido Prefecture — The Hills of Biei

While Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido boasts some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes, the town of Biei is well known for its patchwork fields and rolling hills adorned by vivid flower fields as far as the eye can see.

2. Aomori Prefecture — Oirase Mountain Stream

This 14-kilometer (8.7-mile) stretch flowing from Lake Towada boasts numerous rapids and waterfalls among a backdrop of lush moss and untouched forest. It makes for a picturesque hike any time of the year, so you’ll probably want to stop by more than once to appreciate it in different seasons!

3. Iwate Prefecture — Geibi Gorge

Named after a large rock in the shape of a lion’s nose (in Japanese, geibi), this river gorge is straddled by tall cliffs. Visitors can leisurely enjoy a boat ride while admiring the rugged surroundings.

4. Miyagi Prefecture — Okama Crater, Zao Mountain Range

4. Miyagi Prefecture — Okama Crater, Zao Mountain Range

As if the name “Zao” alone wasn’t cool enough, this emerald-green crater lake was formed after a volcanic eruption in the 1720s, and it’s still technically active today. The surrounding area features popular skiing and hot springs resorts; travelers also come from all over the world to see the eerie juhyo “snow monsters” in the winter.

5. Akita Prefecture — Lake Tazawa

5. Akita Prefecture — Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa is the deepest lake in Japan at 1,388 feet (423 m). Fans of the Korean television drama Iris may also recognize the lake from its panoramic shots with the bronze statue of Tatsuko, a mythological lake goddess, near the shoreline.

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