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Who Doesn't Want Donut Sushi?

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These delectable-looking treats may look like doughnuts, but they just might become your new favorite way to eat sushi!

These are sushi donuts, and were designed by the Instagram user and vegan culinary artist @sobeautifullyraw!

They’re incredibly easy on the eyes and, not unlike sushi, are sure to taste incredible. But they aren’t all that hard to make, either! She greased a donut mold with coconut oil and filled it with cooled, sticky rice. After carefully flipping the mold to release the doughnut-shaped rice, it was covered in a few classic sushi ingredients: black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo and avocado.

Stomach growling yet? Another Instagram user and vegan chef, @letscookvegan, also gave it a shot!

Adapted from the same idea, this treat was decorated with black sesame seeds, guacamole and pepper. The aesthetically pleasing setup was finished with a tomato and wasabi rose! Yum!

Like sushi, though, these donuts can come in all shapes, sizes, styles and flavors! Check out a few more at Tokyo Otaku Mode below!

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