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How a Weekly Shonen Jump Cover is Made

One Piece Manga

It’s easy to take for granted the amount of work that goes into a magazine cover, but Weekly Shonen Jump is offering us a glimpse into it with this making-of video showing step-by-step how it all comes together.

All of the little touches come together so well at the end! There are so many little tricks used, like moving the fire from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece illustration from the bottom layer to the top in order for it to appear over the text, adding life to the whole layout! Heck, seeing the text go from default fonts in all-black to colored with outlines could be a video all on its own. After seeing the different fonts they tried just for the text down the left side, could you imagine how large their font library must be?!

It takes a lot of talent to pack so many details into a single cover. Hopefully the staff will keep sharing processes like this!