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Theme Songs from 'Your Name'—in English!

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Still can't get over Kimi no Na wa (Your Name), Shinkai Makoto's massively popular tear-jerker of a film? Neither can we! And that's why we're excited to hear that Radwimps, the equally successful rock band behind its soundtrack, has released a short clip previewing four tracks from the movie: "Dream Lantern," "Zenzenzense," "Sparkle" and "Nandemonaiya"—all in English.

With less than a month to go until the physical soundtrack's international release (yes, international!), this also heightens anticipation for the North American release on April 7, 2017, which will have the choice of both English audio and Japanese audio with English. For those who can't wait for either, the digital album is now available online on platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

Although dubbing dialogue and soundtracks can leave many anime fans unhappy with lost or altered quality and meaning, Radwimps' new trailer suggests that none of the beauty in Kimi no Na wa. and its theme songs has been lost. Instead, it's been transformed into a different, yet equally valid Kimi no Na wa experience. Indeed, Shinkai seems particularly optimistic on this front, having previously thanked the band for such "wonderful English versions" and expressing his hopes that "these alternative versions will lead the audience to a better understanding of the world of Your Name"

For more details on the soundtrack's international release, check the details at Tokyo Otaku Mode below!

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