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A Geisha's Secret to Grease-Free Skin

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Abura-tori-gami (literally, "oil-removing paper") is traditional Japanese blotting paper made of abacá leaf. It dates back to around the year 800, and has been a hit among Japan's kabuki actors (who wear piles of makeup) and geisha since the Edo Period (1603-1868).

Gold leaf craftspeople used pieces of abacá paper to protect the gold they hammered; with every gentle tap, both the paper and gold became thinner. When people discovered the paper was ideal for absorbing excess facial oil, abura-tori-gami was born. Let's look at some of the benefits below!

3. Avoid Greasy-Looking Skin

For some, the transition of the perfect layer of matte foundation finish to a greasy facial-oil look over the course of a night is inevitable. Fear not: the absorbent qualities of abura-tori-gami are great for getting rid of grease on your skin with just a few gentle presses.

2. Keep Makeup Intact

Using tissue or a handkerchief to wipe away excess facial oil can disturb your makeup. But abura-tori-gami miraculously absorbs just the oil, leaving your makeup in place!

1. Keep Pores Clean

Leaving excess facial oil unattended can clog your pores and result in nasty little bumps that are hard to get rid of—abura-tori-gami can help keep your pores oil-free!

Where Can I Get Some?

If you're looking to grab some abura-tori-gami of your own, you can find them on Amazon from Muji, or you can visit Yojiya or Tatcha. Enjoy your new way of keeping your skin looking great!