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5 Fabulous Japanese Makeup Tutorials

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Japanese makeup trends are always on the cutting edge. From the daring gyaru style to simpler, chic fads that aim for a more innocent look, Japanese makeup has something for everyone. We've handpicked a range of different Japanese makeup tutorials to suit any taste.

5. The 5-Minute Date Makeup Challenge

This put-together date night look was improvised in just five minutes! Sasaki Asahi, a hot Japanese makeup YouTuber, provides plenty of tutorials and videos that are perfect for a beginner-level makeup user. She uses a mix of Japanese and Western makeup brands to help you get acquainted with both.

4. Harajuku-Syle Tutorial

Marin Matsuzaki shows you how to create this chic but slightly edgy look. Her instructions are easy to follow if you’re looking to try this simple and subtle look that focuses on light orange and peachy colors.

3. Gyaru Big Eye Makeup Tutorial

Japanese designer Haruka Kurebayashi has a whole channel full of completely mesmerizing, if not quite practical, gyaru makeup tutorials. The surprisingly simple tricks she uses to achieve these dramatic looks are amazing. She teaches how to do gyaru makeup in an approachable way that makes the whole process seem effortless.

2. Japanese Everyday Makeup Tutorial

This is a great tutorial if you’re looking for a classic, everyday look that you can wear to work or out to dinner—and the best part is, it takes less than 10 minutes! Japanese eye shadow tends to be a lot more shimmery than what Westerners are used to, but this tutorial from Kim Dao shows you how to make the look work without going over the top.

1. Japanese Igari-Style Tutorial

For something a little more natural looking, try this Igari tutorial. This look aims for a baby-like glow. The Igari makeup trend was started by the stylist Igari Shinobu, and is all over the place in Japan and South Korea. Here Australian beauty guru Wengie covers the Igari style, but she does a lot of other great makeup tutorials as well!