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Top 4 Makeup YouTubers

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Whether you're an expert in applying makeup or have just started on your cosmetic journey, these four YouTubers can give you tips about applying everyday makeup and Japanese cosmetics.

4. Kim Dao

Kim Dao, a Vietnamese-Australian YouTuber, is not only a Japanophile who vlogs about her experiences in Japan, but she's also an avid makeup enthusiast who uploads videos about everyday makeup trends in Japan.

She even has a video geared toward those who've just arrived in Japan and are wanting to try out some Japanese beauty products. In her Japanese drug store tour video, Kim Dao introduces some common eye shadow, foundation and blush cosmetic brands, helping put new arrivals' minds at ease.

3. Wengie

Another Australian Youtuber, Wengie, offers basic makeup tips perfect for beginners who need to "brush-up" on the basics while using affordable beauty care products that don't break the wallet.

She doesn't limit her purchases to Oz, but also tries skincare products from Korea and eyeliner and eye makeup from Japan to get the best products from around Asia and Oceania. To catch new videos on makeup, diet or fitness with Wengie be sure to tune in every Thursday and Saturday at 11 a.m. Sydney time.

2. Sasaki Asahi

Although she's never professionally studied cosmetology, Sasaki Asahi has such mastery of her brush and her cosmetics that one would assume she was a professional makeup artist. She learned how to be a makeup queen through YouTube gurus and fashion magazines, which led her to create her very first YouTube channel, Manwomanfilms, where she teaches YouTubers how to apply makeup suited to various everyday situations like weddings, the beach, or Japanese festivals(matsuri).

Her current YouTube channel, Sasakiasahi, dives more into reviewing brands and types of cosmetics rather than how to apply, but you can still spot holiday makeup tutorials here and there. While many of her videos are in Japanese, a few have English subtitles, like her monthly reviews of makeup products.

1. Michelle Phan

With over 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Michelle Phan is the dominate force in YouTube cosmetics. Since her first video launched in 2007, her videos have been watched over 1 billion times. However, her success isn't just limited to YouTube, as she also co-founded Ipsy, an online beauty site that provides personalized beauty sampling services based on individual style, beauty habits, coloring and preferences, and she even has her own makeup line with cosmetics giant L'Oreal that's tailored to each person's individual skin tone and needs. And of course, you can follow Michelle on her blog!

With these four women and their makeup videos as your guides, you're bound to find a look that will suit you!