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12 Reasons Why Japanese Bathrooms Are the Best

Adorable Aiko from "Life Where I'm From" outlines her very scientific reasons why Japanese bathrooms are second to none. She has us convinced!

28 Businesses & Regions Receive Toilet Awards

Despite the already remarkably high quality of public toilets in Japan, members of Japan’s national government are spearheading a nationwide campaign to upgrade Japan’s public toilets to an even higher level.

Luxury for Your Lower Parts

You can become the proud owner of Toto's top-end Neorest at prices starting at ¥352,000.

See Japan's Latest Toilet Paper Dispenser

A new Japanese toilet paper dispenser automatically cuts the perfect amount, and then folds the edges of your toilet paper into neat triangles for the next person to use.

The Truth About Toilet History

It's easy to get a chuckle out of toilet humor, but the reality is they're vital to our modern lives.

12 International Toilets that Shock Japan

Think Japanese toilets are odd? Well, these 12 international toilets throw Japanese people for a spin!

Japan's Accessible Toilets Second to None

These expansive spaces give you plenty of room to move, even in a wheelchair.

Impress House Guests With Toilet Paper Origami

Take your hospitality skills to the next level with toilet paper origami!

Toto Created a Toilet Goalie?

One of the world's greatest goalkeepers is actually a toilet.

Schoolgirls Create Disaster Relief Toilet

A group of Japanese high school girls has created a sanitary and cost-effective portable toilet.

Investigation: Visitors VS Japanese Toilets

Toto, the main toilet manufacturer in Japan, conducted some very personal research among foreigners here. The results may surprise you.

5 Ghastly Ghosts of Japanese Toilets

From toilet-licking goblins to the local version of Bloody Mary, Japanese bathrooms are no strangers to haunting entities that lurk between the stalls.

'Sound Princess' Covers Auditory Embarrassment

Do you ever get embarrassed in public restrooms? Do you ever find yourself flushing, wasting precious water, just to cover up tinkling sounds? Well, you might be interested in this little doohickey!

6 Designer Public Restrooms

While the public restroom has largely been shunned as an architectural subject in the Western world, in Japan it stands as its own archetype.

6 Amazing Features of Japanese Toilets

Japanese high-tech toilets are awesome! If you've never used one before, you're in for a fun surprise or two.

7 Reasons I love My Japanese Bathroom

From bathroom slippers to toilet covers, Grace from Texan in Tokyo offers up a list of essential features you won't see anywhere else.

Toto Toilet Gallery at Narita Airport?

Toto's toilet gallery at Narita Airport aims to show foreigners the joys of owning a Japanese toilet.

Japan Campaigns to Tout its High-Tech Toilets

Japan to use a campaign on its high-tech toilets as a means of attracting tourists.

Funassyi's Toilet Cleaning Time

Funassyi spends more time playing than cleaning, which is all the better for our amusement anyway.