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Public Toilet Looks Like a Mountain of Dessert

Artist Minako Nishiyama conceived of the project as part of the 2015 Oita Toilennale, perhaps the world’s first art festival dedicated to toilets.

8 Reasons Japanese Rest-Stop Bathrooms Rock

From their remarkably thoughtful design to their weird instruction manuals, there's a lot to love about these overlooked spaces.

The Goddess of the Toilet Will Make You Cry

No, it's not an ad for domestic cleanser: "Toire no Kamisama" is a 10-minute acoustic elegy for Kana Uemura's grandmother, and quite possibly the sweetest thing you'll ever hear in a Kansai accent.

How to Install a Washlet: Star Wars Edition?

Toto's detailed (English!) Washlet installation video shows the galaxy how easy it can be to install a Washlet in your home star system.

Shimajiro Teaches Potty Protocol

This remarkably frank anime clip walks perschoolers through the different signs of potty time.

An Immaculate Japanese Highway Restroom

A look at an average highway restroom in Japan reveals that it may just be cleaner than the washroom in your home.

Western-Style vs. Japanese-Style Toilets

The Japan Guy weighs the pros and cons of Japan's two main options for getting down to business.

10 Things That Might Surprise You in Japan

To avoid getting culture shock, read up on these 10 quick travel tips before your first trip to the land of the rising sun.

Useful Japanese Toilet Expressions

It's best to know enough of the local language to navigate to the nearest lavatory!

Japan's Great Toilet Paper Messages

Paperless society? Not quite! Japan conscripts toilet paper as the latest facet of print media.

Seiwa Denko's Bio-Toilet is 100% Water-Free

Providing toilet facilities is a major issue in mountainous and disaster-stricken regions where water and sewer services are not available. To address this need, Hokkaido's Seiwa Denko has developed the Bio-Lux, a bio-toilet that uses no water at all.

Wash Anywhere with Toto's Travel Washlet

Toto lets you stay sanitary even when you're on the go.

The World’s Largest Toilet

Take a peek under the big lid in Chiba.

Tour a ¥100-Million Toilet

Roadside station Forest 276 Otaki looks like a log cabin, but its toilets are fit for a movie star.

The Ninja Guide to Japanese-Style Toilets

The secret to ninja stealth may lie in the daily need to squat.

Scared by the Automatic Toilet Cover

Isn't it creepy when things move on their own?

Things I love about Japan: Bathroom Slippers

Grace from Texan in Tokyo explains how a sticky floor taught her to love Japan's lavatorial footwear.

5 Ways Oita Salutes the Public Toilet

The Oita Toilennale may sound quirky, but it's just another trusty innovation made in Japan.

5 Secrets of Kanazawa's Golden Toilet

There's luxury, and then there's this.

Toto's Bedside Flushable Toilet

Toilet-maker Toto has developed a bedside flushable toilet for use by people who are disabled, elderly or infirm.