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Funassyi's Toilet Cleaning Time

Funassyi spends more time playing than cleaning, which is all the better for our amusement anyway.

Funassyi Meets Ozzy Osbourne

It's official: Funassyi will be participating in Ozzfest Japan 2015.

Surreal Funassyi Mashes Viruses with a Hammer

Funassyi goes extra-weird for an antiviral spray commercial.

Order a Funassyi Sofa for ¥180,000

Made to order in Saitama Prefecture, it features easy-wipe synthetic leather upholstery in Funassyi colors.

The Funassyi Cosplay Set

This set comes with everything you need to dress like a self-destructive, squeaky-voiced star!

Get Cabin Attendant Funassyi at Narita Airport

Swing by Kumu on the fifth floor of Terminal 1 to pick up your pear-shaped flying companion.

Rest Your Wrists On These Cute Cushions

Do your wrists ever get tired as you work diligently at your desk? Relieve some of that tension with a little help from these adorable characters!

'Nassyi Fes' Coming to Tokyo & Osaka

Funassyi is hosting two big concerts in August!

Funassyi Screams for the Season

The "Singing Merry Christmas Funassyi" doll seems to scream more than sing, but he'll bring good cheer either way!

Exclusive Funassyi New Year's Cards!

Scan the code on these New Year's cards to hear a seasonal greeting from Funassyi!

Japan's Great Toilet Paper Messages

Paperless society? Not quite! Japan conscripts toilet paper as the latest facet of print media.

5 'Edgy' Gachapon Toys from Kitan Club

Looking for a pick-me-up? Give your drink a little character with our Top 5 'edge of cup' figurines!

Funassyi Shares the Joy of Toilet Cleaning

Funassyi, the neon yellow pear character, spreads the joy of bathroom cleaning through videos and merchandise.