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Japan's Great Toilet Paper Messages

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Various entities and industries, including the beloved Funassyi character, the East Japan Railroad and the Japanese police department have begun printing important messages on a medium where they are sure readers will see it—toilet paper! Check out some of our favorites below!

3. JR East Toilet Paper Reminds Riders to Look Up from Their Cell Phones

Have you ever tried to navigate your way through crowded subway stations all whilst avoiding phone-zombies that have their eyes and full attention solely on their smartphones? This has become a problem in large Japanese subway stations, and East Japan Railways, the largest train operator in the country, aims to remind people to stop staring at their smartphones and watch where they're going.

Starting in November 2015, JR East rail hubs have printed reminders on a place they're sure to get the attention of even the most addicted smartphone user: on toilet paper. The bold, green message reads, “Let’s stop using our smartphones while walking,” and features a giant image of a smartphone displaying a footstep.

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2. Funassyi Manga Toilet Paper Brings the Funnies to You

Why bring the funny papers into the washroom when you can have them pre-set, awaiting your arrival? Here, an adorable girl from YouTube's Baby-Channel shares her Funassyi toilet paper with the world. Explaining that she bought her “Funa Roll” at the beloved Japanese toy store Kiddyland, she notes that the toilet paper is two-ply, soft to the touch, and appropriately nashi (pear) scented. Not only that, it features two different four-panel comedy manga, which she praises for both the pictures and the text being very legible.

We assume they don't print a different comic on every sheet to ensure that people do eventually leave the washroom. Could you imagine if they did this with One Piece?

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1. "Say 'No!' to Danger Drugs" Toilet Paper Combats Recreational Drug Use

On a more serious note, the rise of semi-legal drugs in Japan has caused much concern after the death of 74 people from such stimulants in the firsts nine months of 2014 alone. A socially conscientious paper company in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, produces “Say ‘No!’ to Danger Drugs” toilet paper to stock in the bathrooms of police offices and hospitals. The toilet paper features a short message on “Danger Drugs,” which are the class of semi-legal stimulants that are legal for medical use but not for buying, possessing, or recreational use in Japan.

Incidentally, the company has previously produced other socially conscientious rolls warning against bank transfer fraud and drunk driving.

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