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Watch 2 BuzzFeed Writers Try a Washlet!

Video Toilets

In a very entertaining, arguably over-sharing, video, two BuzzFeed employees share their opposite experiences with trying a Washlet for the first time.

The pair refers to the potty, which is so commonplace in Japan, as a "future toilet." BuzzFeed's Keith said he enjoyed the experience very much, even claiming he was "oddly, slightly, aroused" by the bidet function. Chris, however, described (in great detail) his "traumatizing" experience with the Washlet. "I felt alone, and with a machine," he proclaimed, claiming the toilet made him feel "violated."

Check out the video by the hilarious pair above! And here's a key tip for avoiding a terrifying experience of your own: before hitting the bidet button, turn the temperature up and dial the pressure down!

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