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Toto's Toilet Showroom is Nuts!

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Want to really know how the most advanced Japanese toilets work? In this retro-style documentary, John Daub from Only in Japan visits the Toto Tokyo Center Showroom in Shinjuku with self-proclaimed "toilet otaku" Joseph Tame to check out everything the historic toilet giant has to offer.

The pair sit-test a few key models, getting up close and personal with wireless toilet control panels fixed with more buttons than a TV remote, experimenting with the massage option and even the built-in dryer. The cross-section of eco-toilet water flow is even properly educational.

It seem the hand-washing basins built into the top of most Japanese toilets have been around for at least 50 years—which explains why you'll even see them pretty much everywhere—while the newest models are even offering an automatic sterilization wash, saving on cleaning time. We get an introduction to the Otohime ("Sound Princess") sound-of-running-water audio system for embarrassed washroom users, as well as a quick look at some adorable kiddie toilets. The message at Toto seems to be that there's a toilet for everyone, big or small!