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'Sound Princess' Covers Auditory Embarrassment

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Do you ever get embarrassed in public restrooms? Do you ever find yourself flushing, wasting precious water, just to cover up tinkling sounds? Well, you might be interested in this little doohickey!

One wacky Japanese contraption is the Toto Otohime (literally, "Sound Princess"), which is a button on newer toilets that makes lovely sounds to cover up a princess’ special time. It was designed because, apparently, too many women were flushing in excess just to hide certain noises.

But what about older models or traditional Japanese toilets? What do you do then? That’s where Toto’s special portable Keitai Otohime comes in! With keitai meaning mobile (it's also the Japanese term for a mobile phone), this Sound Princess is cute and compact and will attach onto your purse or, if you so choose, your cell phone.

The Keitai Otohime comes in two pink designs, "Ribbon" and "Forest," with easy-to-use functions that deliver simple running water sounds.