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Mamoru Oshii Reveals His Top Miyazaki Film

The Ghost in the Shell director makes an unexpected pick for a characteristic reason.

One Punch Man App Measures Your Punching Power

Compare the might of your fist to the ridiculously powerful Saitama.

BRADIO Bring Funky Beats to 'Peeping Life TV'

Funky J-rock band BRADIO are back with the release of their 3rd single and second official anime opening theme song.

Giant Mech Buildings Advertise Real Estate

Buildings transform into giant robots in Mitsui Real Estate Residential’s stunning anime commercial.

Inside Osaka's Attack on Titan Bathrooms

Awkward images of Levi, Armin, and other Survey Corps members watch visitors pee.

Gundam 101: Navigating the Gundam Universe

With Iron Blooded Orphans on the air, you might want a hand unraveling four decades of mecha lore.

'Yo-Kai Watch' Debuts Abroad

Thankfully, the spirit of the theme songs from the Japanese version are retained in the English version. But some things have changed.

Vegeta vs. Instant Ramen

In May 2015, Dragonball’s resident attitude with a widow’s peak epically endorsed Nissin Cup Noodle’s new vegetable-packed variety of instant ramen.

Char Aznable Trades His Zaku II for a Toyota

The official website for Zeonic Toyota's Char Exclusive Auris II launches with an animated preview of the concept car.

Adorable Nekobus Lasercut Paper Set

It’s time to take Totoro's iconic catbus home. And when we do, we’ll be making him entirely from scratch, with a specially designed kit made from lasercut paper materials.

Trigun Sneakers Perfect for a Stampede

Red for Vash, Black for Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Evangelion's 7 Strangest Product Tie-ins

Remember Schick's creepy, clean-shaven Gendo Ikari? How about the time a box of Kagome vegetable juice used the Spear of Longinus to defeat a giant tomato? No? It's time for a refresher!

Transform Your iPhone into Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal iPhone cases fit the 6 and 6s. Galaxy users presumably get Queen Beryl.

'Tokyo Ghoul' Seizes Joypolis

Escape game, projection mapping show and theme food planned for Odaiba amusement park.

Evangelion Dolls Go Edo with Katana & Kimono

Takara Tomy has announced preorders for two of three planned Evangelion dolls clad in traditional kimono, with decorative blades by their side for protection.

Louis Vuitton's Anime & Game-inspired Fashion

Designer Nicolas Ghesquière credits his inspiration to the digital world, like Tron and Minecraft.

Anime Hunks Dominate 'Hana Yori Dango' Café

While the "Flower Four" snacks are a feature, the biggest treats for "Hana Yori Dango" fans are no doubt the life-sized art panels, where you can pose with the hunk of your choice.

Mikasa Meets Godzilla

Fan combines stop-motion animation with computer graphics to create an impressive, action-packed Attack on Titan short.

Sharp & 7-Eleven Offer Evangelion Smartphone

30,000 phones planned for production—at ¥84,240 a pop!

The Biggest Itasha We’ve Ever Seen

An "itasha" is a vehicle covered with anime stickers. But a coupe or sedan only gives you so much sheet metal to work with.