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Which Jump Manga Had the Best Live Movie?

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Live-action adaptations are hit and miss among fans, with many loving them and just as many hating them. Japanese netizens were polled for the best of the genre. Read below to find out which ones made the cut!

No. 3: Kyukyoku!! Hentai Kamen

Taking third place with 82 votes was Kyukyoku!! Hentai Kamen. This comedy/martial arts manga ran in 1992 and 1993 in Weekly Shonen Jump and had a live-action film adaptation in 2013 starring Ryohei Suzuki as Kyosuke Shikijo. It’s a superhero series starring a high school boy who, while a bit awkward with girls, defeats criminals as the superhero Hentai Kamen!

No. 2: Rurouni Kenshin

Next, in second place with 96 votes, was Rurouni Kenshin! This title has been on a roll with its live-action works, including the film trilogy that ended in 2014 with the massively popular film Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends starring Takeru Satoh as Himura Kenshin.

No. 1: Death Note

Coming in at first place with 120 votes was Death Note! This series has had a number of film adaptations, including Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name, and now, Death Note: Light Up the New World. Both the protagonist with a dark streak and the overall story continue to attract fans.

Even among these Top 3, there’s still a divide between people who loved them and people who hated them. What do you think of the choices? You can also see the full Top 10 at Tokyo Otaku Mode below!

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