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First 'Attack on Titan' Season 2 PV!

Anime Attack on Titan Video

The second season of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is scheduled to air beginning in April 2017. It's been a long wait since the first season, which aired 25 episodes from April to September 2013—though fans have had a number of spin-offs and movies to placate themselves with in the meantime!

The first PV for the new season was released December 24, 2016, and introduces the mysterious Beast Titan as well as some more thrilling shots of the series' signature vertical maneuver gear in action—not to mention a few scenes of the unforgiving brutality the series is also known for.

Considering how far Hajime Isayama's manga has progressed in the intervening four years since the first season of the anime, the big question will be just how much of the ensuing story the new season will be able to cover before it runs out of time.