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Sushi Rap: The Best of Sushiro

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With some 200 outlets nationally, Sushiro (スシロー) is one of Japan's largest kaiten-zuzhi (conveyor belt sushi) chains. Sushiro commercials are known for their fast pace and rhythmic beats, leading them to be known as "Sushi Rap"—though we're not sure how the shamisen fits in.

While the maguro (tuna) campaign from way back in 2009 sets up all the key elements: shamisen, rhythmic beats, and cheap sushi, if we had to choose the one definitive Sushiro commercial, it would probably be this entry from January 2013.

And just to show nothing's changed, here are some of Sushiro's 2015 autumn specials.

Want to get more seasonal? Here's a slightly surreal Yuletide commercial from 2012, featuring Sayaka Yamamoto of idol group NMB48. We're not sure which is worse: the sushi swing, or "Merry Chri-sushi-mas!"

Fast forward back to 2015, and Sushiro still isn't above the occasional merchandising tie-in.

So do these commercials make you want to hurry to Sushiro? Whether they do the job or not, you must admit the price is hard to beat—and that rhythm is hard to get out of your head!

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