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Yubari Melon Gets Fraction of Last Year Price

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Yubari Melon Gets Fraction of Last Year Price

The first auction of the taste of early summer, Yubari melons, was held at the Sapporo wholesale market. The price of high-end Yubari melons fetched only one-fortieth of last season's price at the first auction of the season due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic was appearing here, too. The number of the first shipment is smaller than last year, but the size has grown larger than usual. Kitazawa Takeshi, Sapporo Mirai Fruit and Vegetables, said no inbound tourists and no travelers come, wondering if this is representing the state of the world now.

The auction in the market was suspended for more than a month to prevent the spread of the virus. But only Yubari melon’s auction took place Monday, with special preventive measures. The shipments will continue until the end of August.