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10 Coolest Sushi Pieces Ever

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Sushi has been around for some time, but has really taken off globally in recent years. Chefs, artists, and chef-artists have all taken their culinary and art skills to a new level with these delicious-looking pieces that will leave your mouth watering! (And yes, the lack of rice means that's not sushi up top—but isn't it gorgeous to look at?)

10. Temaki-Zushi

Some may already be aware that this is known as temaki-zushi, literally "rolled by hand." Anyone who's visited Japan has probably seen plenty of it, but it hasn't taken off too much in Western countries as yet. But considering the mobility of this cute snack, surely it should?

9. Laser-Cut Nori

With today's cutting technology, we are able to literally laser seaweed into very precise designs. From polka dots to flowers, the possibilities are endless—which surely adds some modern fun to the normal sushi roll!

8. Sloth Sushi Roll

Sushi rolls can be customizable on the inside, but this roll really sets the bar high for creativity. You can just hear the pun of this sloth sushi rolling...

7. The Art of Sushi Plating

Because sushi is so simplistic in and of itself, the way it's presented decides the initial reaction of the customer. If it's in smaller quantities, the sushi is laid on a long rectangular dish, but if there's a lot more, sometimes the chef can be significantly more creative with how it's laid out. In this case, serious artistic liberties were taken—and it's stunning!

6. Sushi Bridge

For larger sushi assortments, a popular theme among sushi restaurants is to put them in a literal boat-shaped plate. But this one is laid out on a gorgeous Japanese-style bridge! If this doesn't transport you straight to Japan then surely the taste of the sushi will!

5. Panda Sushi

If you don't like raw fish then these simple panda sushi are perfect for you! These guys are just chilling out near some pickled veggies, ready to get eaten. But they might just be too darn cute to eat!

4. Temari Sushi

It's no wonder modern art and sushi go hand in hand. Look at these handcrafted Temari sushi balls redefining the sushi "roll"! The simplistic designs are nothing short of perfection, and the added sushi-approved veggies make you want to just bite in!

3. Floral Rolls

The craftsmanship of this floral design is simply beautiful, and it wouldn't be the same without the touch of the leaf. The hotate (raw scallops) look extra-delicious presented around what's probably pickled plum and daikon. Mmm-mm!

2. Sashimi Rose

One popular thing to do with sashimi is to make simple flowers out of it—but this artistic chef made an entire rose and colored leaves! The patience and trial-and-error this must have required certainly paid off with this breathtaking design. Yes, we're cheating again: since there's no rice this doesn't count as sushi. But look at that thing—it really looks like a rose! How could you pass that up?

1. Dragon Roll

No cool sushi art list would be complete without a roll that looks like a dragon. This dragon looks both delicious and traditional. You could almost see him being in a parade! And you can learn how to make it below!