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5 Key Sushi Accessories

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Japan has always been a mecca for designs that are both practical and aesthetic. And it's also a land that loves its sushi! At the intersection of these three principles stands our list of five must-have sushi accessories!

5. Wasara Rectangular Tray

This Wasara rectangular try allows you to serve a roll of sushi or pieces of nigiri on an attractive, four-cornered spread. The rectangular plate allows you to arrange your sushi in a much more practical and attractive way than the circular plates you'll see at conveyor belt shops. This is the style of a real high-end sushi joint!

4. Three-Year Matured Pickled Daikon

Nanao Takuan is a kind of Japanese white radish pickled in rice bran and salt from Shizuoka Prefecture. It's pickled for three years and all natural, with no addition of artificial color or preservatives. Nanao Takuan is usually served with white rice, but can be cut into small pieces to add texture to fried rice as well, and is a highly recommended ingredient for Japanese cooking.

3. Kurikyu Odate Bentwood Sushi Tray

This sushi tray combines the natural beauty of Odate wood-work with an eye-catching red lacquer color. The cherry bark used to hold the bentwood together adds a nice contrast to the classical elements of the Japanese design. Sushi served in these trays look extra-fresh, and the colors of the various fish are emphasized against the background of vivid red, turning a sushi party into a real Japanese experience!

2. Wasara Sushi Plate

This ingenious Wasara plate has an original design that allows users to keep a sauce or dip separate from the main food, beautiful and practical at the same time. It can be used for soy sauce and sushi, or almost any other kind of other food!

1. Special Ebony Chopsticks for Sushi

These sushi chopsticks are especially designed for picking up sushi: the bottom part has four edges and is thicker than typical chopsticks, and this blunt tip ensures that it won't cut through the food you're trying to transport to your mouth. This also makes these chopsticks very suitable for eating soft foods such as tofu.