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Laser-Cut Seaweed Makes Beautiful Sushi

Sushi Design

Japan is a nation that is obsessed with creating beautiful food. From ridiculously cute bento boxes, to meticulously crafted sushi rolls, the country takes pride in its ability to create edible art.

Taking this trend one step further, I & S BBDO and Amino Hiroyuki have created seaweed for sushi with complex, laser-cut patterns. Design Nori seaweed are pieces of laser-cut dried seaweed (or nori, which is traditionally wrapped around sushi rolls) that feature beautiful as well as also socially conscientious patterns. Each pattern is meant to represent a wish for the future of Japan after the 2011 triple tragedy crippled parts of the nation. The turtle design symbolizes long life; the hemp design means growth; the water droplets mean luck; and the cherry blossoms represent beauty.

See more pictures over at Spoon & Tamago, or check out the Design Nori Facebook page (Japanese, sorry!) to learn where you can find some of this beautiful seaweed for your own sushi rolls.

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