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This is the Richest Matcha Gelato in the WORLD

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What happened when Asakusa tea shop Suzukien teamed up with Shizuoka sweets maker Nanaya?

The world's richest green tea gelato.

Suzukien × Nanaya is a gelato shop in Asakusa that specialized in many tea-flavored gelatos, including hojicha and genmaicha. And 7 levels of matcha.

No.1 is the sweetest, and the most like normal green tea-flavored sweets you might encounter.
The bitterness of the green tea gradually gets more intense until No. 7, the most intense matcha ice cream in the world.

A single scoop costs ¥370, and a double only costs ¥100 more at ¥470. So you can compare No. 7 with another level and understand just how rich it is. Or, even better: bring friends and try all the flavors.

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