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The Most Luxurious 13-Layer Green Tea Parfait

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If you're a fan of green tea, you can't miss out on visiting Nakamura Tokichi. Nakamura Tokichi is a popular Japanese specialty tea store and café, originally founded in 1819 in Uji (famous for Uji green tea). In the café, you can savor high-quality sweets made of tori ridorino Japanese green tea. And if you're a true green tea connoisseur, you can partake in the Ginza shop-exclusive luxurious 13-layer Premium Maruto Parfait.

And if the café offerings aren't enough to satisfy your now-refined green tea cravings for life, you can get to-go souvenir boxes of tea to bring back home.

Location: 4F GINZA SIX - 6 Chome-10-1, 6 Chome-10-10 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061
(There are many locations throughout Japan)

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