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Tokyo Restaurants Too Good to Stay Secret

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If there's one thing Tokyo has, it's an abundance of restaurants and eateries. A lot of people love traveling off the beaten path—or plate in this case—for delicious, authentic food, but it can be a hard feat to find it on your own. So we've rounded up this list of restaurants so good there's no way to keep them secret!

Omoide Yokocho Yakitori

Yakitori bae 👌

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Let's dive in with a steamy, delicious photo by Marcusmepstead. Omoide Yokocho is an array of small alleyways outside of Shinjuku Station's west gate that are filled with izakaya and small eateries. Looking to get your grub on? Cram in alongside Japanese workers after a long day at the office and treat yourself to some yakitori grilled chicken and a nice, cold beer!

Hoshinoya Tokyo

Ines_song's photo is a beacon of light to our hungry stomachs! If you're looking to live a life of luxury in Tokyo, look no further than Hoshinoya Tokyo. This place will pamper you and your stomach! Everyone should get to experience at least one night in a place like this, dining on traditional cuisine followed by a relaxing soak in their onsen hot spring.


Whether you're a tourist or resident, if you're looking for a hearty, umami-filled bowl of shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, come on down to Bigiya, owned by Bigiya2009 in Meguro! This restaurant is featured in the Michelin Guide, and with good reason! They don't use MSG and have carefully picked each ingredient to create a high quality dish that'll leave you craving it for the rest of your life. If you're not in the mood for shoyu, they have an extensive menu that includes tsukemen (where the noodles are broth are served separately) and niboshi ramen (a broth that is also made out of small, dried fish) as well!

T. Y. Harbor Brewery

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Yummy_feb5 was smart and got a flight of beer tastings at T. Y. Harbor Brewery in Shinagawa. It's a massive American restaurant overlooking the water, with boats docked right outside. It's a little breath of American food and beer culture right in the heart of Japan, and you can even buy some bottled brews to take home with you!


Kato_eat_tokyo_graphix has stunned us with this photo of keema and pork curry at the restaurant, FISH, in Shinjuku. This place is quite spacious and dishes out a unique, street food-y take on everyone's favorite Indian food!

Tokyo Snake Center

Thisissojapan is right, this is SO Japan! Everyone's heard of cat cafés by now, and perhaps cafés for both owls and bunnies. But have you heard of this snake café? Located in Harajuku, you're given the choice of which snake to have on your table, and can even hold a large snake for an extra fee. The pictured dessert plate is extra as well, but has an assortment of light, cute snake-themed desserts that you just have to try!


M.watari really piqued our interest with this picture. Oniyanma is a standing-only udon restaurant located right in front of Gotanda Station, and it specializes in sanuki udon from Kagawa Prefecture, which is characterized by its squarer shape and flat edges. Clearly they are also tempura masters as well, based on that perfectly golden fried batter!

Ramen Kipposhi

If you can't decide whether you want a bowl of ramen or want to look at the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean, Ramen Kipposhi in Sumida kind of gives you both! Oldhirobo shows us a colorful ramen palette side by side, and we're not quite sure which one we want more. What makes it blue is a secret, but the clear chicken broth is from a special Chinese technique that isn't entirely uncommon.

Itamae Sushi

Ypriri visited Itamae Sushi, a really high quality sushi restaurant in Akasaka known for their tuna. They have a live tuna cutting show with a fish that weighs over 100kg (about 220 pounds), which turns into the delicious dishes they serve up! They also have an assortment of original veggie sushi that vegetarians are sure to love.

Pierre Hermé Paris-Japon

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Dessert is the perfect way to finish a meal. It's also the perfect way to end an article! Let's end with this delectable French dessert café. Celimegumiiii picked the perfect photogenic dessert to show off this cafe's menu, which includes both traditional and unique delicacies pleasing to both the eye and tastebuds. They have several boutiques throughout Tokyo.