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Gifu's Top 5 Autumn Color Spots

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Gifu Prefecture is full of mountains, which means lots of trees—and especially beautiful Japanese maples, or momiji. The best time to view the fall foliage is typically early November to early December. Here are Super Cheap Japan's top five picks!

5. Gujo Hachiman Castle

Gujo Hachiman Castle, perched atop Mount Hachiman in Gujo Hachiman, is worth a visit just for its beautiful castle, but the colorful fall leaves make this experience even more enjoyable. The autumn colors contrast beautifully against the white walls of the castle, and you can also enjoy the foliage at night when the trees are illuminated from sunset to 9 p.m.

Fall Foliage Period: Early to Late November

4. Yoro Park

Yoro Park on the western edge of Gifu Prefecture, near Mie Prefecture, is a picturesque place situated between the stunning Yoro Mountains and Ibigawa River. The main attraction of the park is the famous Yoro Falls, ranked among the 100 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. The park and surrounding area have an impressive collection of Japanese maple trees, which make it a breathtaking spot to enjoy the autumn leaves.

Fall Foliage Period: Late November to early December

3. Oyada Maple Valley

The Oyada Maple Valley in Mino City is considered one of the best locations in Gifu to appreciate the autumn leaves. The valley, which includes Oyada Shrine, is surrounded by around 3,000 Japanese maple trees, some more than 1,000 years old. The contrast of the vermilion reds, apricot oranges and golden yellows of the trees against the traditional carvings of the shrine is magnificent—a sight not to be missed in autumn!

Fall Foliage Period: Mid November to early December

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