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Magikarp Becomes a Mouthwatering Morsel

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On the back of the official packaging is the lyrics to the “I love Koiking” song which appears on the campaign website. It explores all the character’s details while lovingly poking fun at its remarkable weakness at the same time. Kurikoan branches usually have a small boom box playing a recording of the chain’s jingle, but right now the one at the Yokohama branch is instead playing the official Koiking character song.

The song’s lyrics might sound scathing at first, but the joyful, childlike way in which it’s sung, plus the fact that it’s called “I Love Koiking” fits right in with the crazy nature of the wide-eyed joke Pokémon. While the first verse and chorus below tells it like it is, the song slowly builds to a happy, hilarious, love-filled ending.

“Unreliable, pitiable, famously weak.
Were you really strong a long time ago? That’s the rumor, but now you’re really weak. Your weakness is so sad.
Weak Pokémon Koiking, you’re the weakest in the world.
Weak Pokémon Koiking, your weakness is shocking.”

While the end date for the sale of the special Koiking-yaki cakes is yet to be announced,they’re only available from five Kurikoan locations, at Yokohama Station’s West Entrance, Yokohama’s Minato Mirai, and Asakusa, Akihabara and Kichijoji in Tokyo, so be sure to stop by to catch Magikarp while you still can!

For more information including the location of the Yokohama store, be sure to read the full story from RocketNews24 below!

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