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Magikarp Becomes a Mouthwatering Morsel

| Sweets , Pokémon

In order to keep the love for Koiking (aka Magikarp) alive, the creators of the Pokémon franchise are teaming up with a popular taiyaki (a fish shaped pastry) chain, Kurikoan, to bring you "Koiking-yaki."

The Yokohama-based purveyors of these traditional taiyaki sweets also have branches in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa Prefectures, but Magikarp is only making an appearance at five locations in Tokyo and Yokohama.

The special cast iron molds used to create the Magikarp cakes (left) are very different to the more traditional fish shapes usually used for molding taiyaki (right).

One of Kurikoan’s best-selling taiyaki varieties is filled with a creamy vanilla bean paste, while their signature offering comes filled with a red bean paste mixed with delicious chestnut pieces. Magikarp comes without any fancy trappings, and is filled only with high-quality koshian, a sweet, smooth red bean paste, using adzuki beans sourced from Hokkaido.

At ¥163 (US$1.39) plus tax, this freshly baked piece of limited-edition edible merchandise is an absolute bargain!

Every Koiking-yaki purchase comes with its very own specially marked packaging, which makes it look like the fish Pokémon is waiting to be released from its Poké Ball.

Coming face to face with the taiyaki, there is no mistaking that we are looking at Magikarp—in warm, delicious, freshly baked form.