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Cost Play! Can You Afford to Cosplay?

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The great art of cosplay lets fans dress up as their favorite fictional characters, most of the time at a relatively low cost. But what if we couldn’t recreate characters’ clothes with materials close at hand and had to actually go out and buy them instead?

Sunglass Warehouse decided to take this question into their own hands, finding out how much it would cost in real life to wear the same attire as some of the most popular video game characters. Compiling an infographic including characters like Mario, Link, Sonic and Red from Pokémon, it shows just how much money would go into getting their exact same look.

Link—The Legend of Zelda

Link has a pretty simple and affordable green tunic, but getting a proper Master Sword, as well as your own fairy, may be a little more expensive.

Master Chief—Halo

Unless you're wealthy billionare vigilante, dressing up like Master Chief from the Halo series might be a bit too pricey.

Donkey Kong—Donkey Kong

If you're looking for a more affordable look, you can't go wrong with Donkey Kong's understated style. All you need is a personalized necktie and a bunch of bananas. Note: we don't recommend going out in public wearing only this!

This is only the tip of the cosplay iceberg. Head over to Tokyo Girls' Update for all of the looks!

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