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A Fulfilling 8-Day Itinerary for Fukuoka

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Love traveling but hate planning your trip? We've got it all planned, from hotels and attractions to specific directions to make your planning much more efficient! All you need to do is book the hotel and tours and show up! Shopping, sightseeing and good food await you on this eight-day itinerary in Fukuoka, Japan!

Day 8 - Cat Island!

Sail for the feline paradise and go on a shopping spree at night!

Cat Island Aino-Shima - 12.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Just off the coast from Shingu is a little feline paradise! After a relaxing 20-minute ferry ride, you will find yourself on Cat Island (Ainoshima), and as its name suggests, cats are everywhere on the island! Feel free to pet and take photos of the adorable and very friendly felines! Additionally, there are tons of nature trails, temples, and other attractions to explore on the island as well!

Tenjin Underground City - free and easy
Conclude your holiday with a cathartic shopping experience in Tenjin Underground City, an extensive network connecting several malls to form an underground shopping utopia! You can even spend an entire day exploring the plethora of shops here. Moreover, this attraction is a great alternative to turn to in case it starts raining!

Day 7 - Time to unwind

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Yanagawa River Cruise and Yamecha Green Tea Tour - 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Hop onboard a Donko boat and float down the Yanagawa River. Along the way you will be amazed by the gorgeous seasonal flowers and the antique warehouses along the river banks! After the river cruise, the tour will lead you to the Yame Central Tea Garden, where the country’s most popular tea producer grows their tea leaves! Feel refreshed as you saunter through the fragrant garden, and also try making and tasting the Hoiro Baisen tea!

Yoshizuka Unagiya - 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm
End the day at one of the highest-rated restaurants in Fukuoka, Yoshizuka Unagiya. A must-try is their unagi (eel) rice, a humble, satisfying and delectable set meal that draws in a large crowd, so be prepared to queue! You can choose to take away your food and enjoy it in the comforts of your hotel!

Day 6 - Sights by the sea

Visit 2 picturesque islands, one of which is also a popular shopping haven! Be treated to one of the best restaurants in the city at night.

Nokoshima Island Park and Marinoa City Outlets - 9.10 am - 5.10 pm
This tour is all about shopping and sightseeing! You will first be brought to the Nokoshima Island Park, where you can get stunning panoramic views of the seasonal flowers and ocean! Next, the tour will head to one of the largest outlet malls in the Kyushu, the Marinoa City! This place is a shopping haven housing over 170 shops selling inexpensive merchandise!

Chikae Fukuoka - 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
Just a short distance away is one of the best restaurants in the city, Chikae Fukuoka! This place serves authentic Japanese cuisine fresh from the restaurant’s fish tanks! Must tries include the sashimi (sea urchin, octopus and more), and for a bigger bang for your buck, order from the set menus! Enjoy great food, wonderful service and a lovely ambience.

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