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10 Must-Try Foods in Yokohama, Japan

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7. Kirin Beer Village

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Kirin beer, founded in Yokohama, is one of the leading beer companies in Japan. The main attraction of the Kirin Beer Village is its complimentary 1-hour brewery tours, which offer visitors a glimpse into its brewing facilities as well as beer tasting. Don’t miss this chance for a free educational and tasty tour at Japan’s oldest beer company established in 1907!

6. Shumai (Chinese-style dumplings)


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Steamed meat dumplings, known as Shumai to the locals, is another Chinese-style street food that you have to try when in Yokohama. You can either savour this delicacy at Seihuro in Yokohama’s Chinatown that is said to serve the best Shumai in the district, or head to the famous Kiyoken where you can even join the popular factory tour to see how the tasty dish is made. But you have to be really lucky to be able to reserve your seat successfully for the popular factory tour that only accepts phone reservations 3 months in advance!

5. Hayashi rice

Hayashi rice is a beef onion stew dish with rice. The thick brown stew is made with tomato sauce and red wine. Its popularity can rival that of the almighty Japanese curry rice. For an unbeatable taste of this staple dish, head to Baikotei, which has been established before World War II. Besides the rustic interiors of the age-old restaurant that has remained intact for decades, the divine authentic taste of this dish has not changed a bit too. No wonder both locals and tourists alike love to eat the Hayashi rice at this restaurant.

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