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Savor Delicious Food In New Chitose Airport

| Airport , Hokkaido

If you're planning to visit Japan’s northernmost main island of Hokkaido, you'll probably go through New Chitose Airport. The island's main airport, New Chitose serves both domestic and international airlines. But your time here need not be boring hours of plain waiting, as New Chitose Airport is filled with great food to keep you busy!

15. Walk into Drive-In Ito

Drive-In Ito, like its name suggests, is a shop that you can usually access only by driving in. Originated in Tokachi (Hokkaido), Drive-In Ito is a Tondon - pork cutlet Donburi - store. Donburi is a type of Japanese dish where ingredients, in this case pork cutlet, is served on rice in a bowl. The shop gained so much popularity that you can now enjoy it in New Chitose Airport.

Drive-In Ito is most famous for its fantastic original sauce. Crispy pork cutlet is topped with a soy-sauce based sauce which has a slight tinge of sweetness. It is recommended that you try the special mayonnaise Tondon, where plenty of cabbage, rice and pork cutlet fill the bowl, topped with original mayonnaise.

14. Chocolate bun from Royce’ Chocolate World!

From fresh cream chocolate to chocolate potato chips, Royce’ Chocolate World is a fun-filled chocolate factory bound to spark your love for chocolates. Royce’ Chocolate World has a Bakery where you can enjoy original recipes such as the chocolate cream croissant and chocolate pie, blending freshly baked bread with marvellous Royce’ chocolate.

There is also a chocolate museum that can be accessed free of charge where you will get to learn the story behind today’s delicious treat. Stocked with plenty of exclusive gifts, Royce’ Chocolate World cannot be missed when you are in New Chitose Airport.

13. Great Jingisukan from Matsuo Jingisukan - New Chitose Airport Food Court

Jingisukan is one of those food that you should definitely try when in Hokkaido. There are various locations in Hokkaido to enjoy them, such as the Sapporo Beer Garden. With limited vacation time, however, you may not have the opportunity to try them out when travelling. Matsuo Jingisukan - New Chitose Airport Food Court is the perfect place to remedy such a situation.

Located at the Food Court area in New Chitose Airport, the thick roasted steak from Matsuo Jingisukan is soft and fragrant. There are also original menu items such as Jingisukan on a stick and Jingisukan Donburi, so make sure you try this store out!

12. Pork cutlet from Asahikawa Isen

Asahikawa Isen is a Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) store which opened in Tokyo in 1972 and is now a popular shop around Japan. Also famous in Asahikawa (Hokkaido), the great Tonkatsu store can be enjoyed at New Chitose Airport’s food court area.

Asahikawa Isen serves pork cutlet based on the catchphrase "soft Tonkatsu that can be cut with chopsticks". The thick yet soft cutlets are coated with extremely crispy skin. Together with their original sauce and cabbage, the Tonkatsu from Asahikawa Isen will get you asking for more.

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