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Tokyo to Mount Fuji Bicycle Tour

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Day 3

Ito City to Tokyo

Ito City

After an exceptional stay at K’s House, I woke up early the next morning and began my journey home. I followed the coastline all the way back, stopping at Odawara City, Southern Beach in Chigasaki, and Enoshima.

Odawara City

Odawara City

This was another fantastic day of riding, with many beautiful towns along the way. I especially enjoyed Odawara because of the awesome castle in the middle of the city.



After leaving Odawara, I was awarded with beautiful ocean vistas as I rode along the coasts of Chigasaki and Enoshima. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time to spend in these areas, but based on appearance both seem to have a really cool beach vibe.

Fujisawa Station

Finally, I ended my ride at Fujisawa Station, where I boarded a train bound for Tokyo Station.

Overall, I highly recommend this ride. I am by no means in fantastic shape, but I was able to do this course without too much difficulty.

One thing I do recommend is bringing a bike bag. There’s a good chance you'll need to get on a train at some point, whether to avoid heavy rain or to skip over the sprawling city of Tokyo.

Knowing a little Japanese would be a big help too. On several occasions I was approached by Japanese people who wanted to know where I was cycling to, how far I had gone, etc. Because my Japanese is very limited, I could only communicate so much. If I had a better understanding of the language, I’m sure it would have made the experience even more valuable.

Total Ride Distance: about 240 kilometers (150 miles)