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10 Horrific-Looking Yet Tasty Foods from Japan

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When you think about delicious Japanese food, what comes to mind? Piping hot ramen? Fresh sushi? Snotty fermented soybeans and raw horse meat? Okay hold on—maybe not those last two. Let’s take a look at some shockingly normal Japanese foods you won’t find at your local Japanese restaurant!

1. Monjayaki

1. Monjayaki

While different regions around Japan are famous for various local specialties, there aren’t many dishes that Tokyo can truly call its own—except for the grilled batter dish called monjayaki, which looks more like something you might spot in a gutter in Shinjuku on a Saturday night.

Featuring the same basic ingredients as okonomiyaki (savory Japanese pancakes), monjayaki also includes dashi (soup stock), which gives it its amorphous blob shape. But don’t let its unappetizing appearance fool you: with tons of varieties like mochi mentaiko, mapo tofu and broccoli cheese risotto, it’s much more delicious than it looks!

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