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100 Japanese Foods to Try

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What 100 Japanese foods would I recommend people try at least once?

I tried keeping away from foods that are only available in certain regions, or even certain restaurants or homes (e.g. my aunt's homemade udon) and stuck to foods that are widely available in Japan. I've also tried to include foods from all categories and all price ranges, from wildly expensive matsutake mushrooms to cheap and sometimes not-so-good for you snacks. I also didn't limit the list to genuine Japanese foods, but included Western-style yoshoku dishes and a sprinkling of chuuka (imported Chinese) foods that are so ingrained in Japanese food culture that most people barely think of them as Chinese any more. And of course, I have eaten all of the foods listed at least once—in most cases many, many times. I like them all!

For the complete list visit Just Hungry at the link below!

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