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Full Japanese Breakfast, Miniaturized

Japanese Food Accommodation Ryokan Fish

This is a typical breakfast served at a traditional inn (ryokan) in Japan. (You can also get it at many Western-style hotels, though.) It's either served in your room, or at a large communal dining table.

The star of the show is a fresh, whole fish (more desirable in Japan than a piece of fish)—an aji, or horse mackerel in this case—grilled and served with a little grated daikon radish and soy sauce. There's also a packet of flavored nori seaweed, which is used to wrap little morsels of rice, and an onsen tamago, which is a soft poached egg, where the white is soft-set and the yolk is harder set, served in a sauce.

Does the image look a little odd? Well, that's because it's a miniature! But it makes for a great starting point to examine typical ryokan breakfast fare. Find out more about the food you'll have when visiting a ryokan at Just Hungry below!

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