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18 Awesome Recipes Using Pickled Sakura

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12. Sakura Cherry Blossom Cheesecake

Sakura cherry blossom cheesecake is a wonderful blend of Western and Japanese cuisine. The soft flavor of the cheesecake is a perfect base for the subtle aroma of the sakura flowers.

11. Sakura Cookies

These sakura cookies are easy to make, and help bring out the flavor of the sakura flower. The cookies look really cute, and also make a perfect gift during cherry blossom season.

10. Sakura Layer Cake

This sakura layer cake combines two of Japan’s most famous ingredients: sakura and matcha tea powder. The result is a wonderful sponge cake with typical Japanese aromas and beautiful green- and pink-colored layers.

9. Sakura Rare Cheese Dessert

This sakura rare cheese dessert is stunning with its pale pink on creamy white. The delicate flavor of the sakura is a wonderful combination with the creamy aroma of the rare cheese.

- (Japanese)

8. Sakura Chiffon Cake

This sakura chiffon cake is a wonderful combination of Western and Japanese flavors. The aroma of the sakura flowers blends very well with the smooth, light flavor and consistency of chiffon cake.

7. Sakura Macaron

The sakura macaron is another fantastic example of blending Western and Japanese food culture. The result is a beautiful pink macaron with the subtle flavor of sakura cherry blossoms.

6. Sakura Onigiri

Sakura onigiri are a Japanese classic, and a great way to enjoy rice balls with the flavor of sakura. The salt from the pickled also sakura naturally seasons the rice. Easy to make—just enjoy!