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Since their release in 1979, the cylindrical snack Umaibo has boasted a consistent popularity. A wide variety of flavors are available, from the so-called “royal road” flavors like corn potage, cheese and salami to unique flavors like mentaiko (marinated cod and pollock roe), natto, and limited, region-specific flavors.

Applied to each finger is a different flavor of Umaibo. You can also see the shape of the snacks inside, and the color of each snack is faithfully recreated according to its flavor. Umai (delicious) and bo (stick) are both also printed onto the packaging.

These were introduced as the second unique nail art set by a member of the nationwide tsuyome kuro gyaru group Black Diamond, Mirukusu, and nail artist Kana Sunouchi. Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) had an e-mail interview with Mirukusu and asked her for details about creating the Umaibo nail art and how long the process took.

TOM: Please tell us what made you think, “I want to make Umaibo into nails!”

Mirukusu: Because some people like super-long nails or over-the-top nails, but I don’t think anyone’s done or will do Umaibo. Basically, I wanted to do something I didn’t think anyone else would.

TOM: How long did the nail application process take, and which flavor from your Umaibo nails is your favorite?

M: It took four hours for my hands and feet. The nail artist made them two days before I went. The concept began half a year ago, and we started the actual back-and-forth a month back where we decided on things. Personally, for eating, I like mentaiko♡♡ Work by the nail artist to actually create them began two days prior to the application, and through this careful preparation, the high quality of these Umaibo nails was realized. You can feel the fighting spirit behind these nails!

TOM: What kind of nail challenge would you like to try next?

M: I’m going to think of nails that’ll surprise everyone even more!

Look forward to the next work by Mirukusu, who describes nail art as the “ultimate art for enchanting from your fingertips.”

Mirukusu is also currently a participating staff member at Shibuya’s Ganguro Cafe! Why not visit Japan’s ganguro gyaru and the Umaibo nails?

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