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5 Gorgeous Reasons to Visit Takayama

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Takayama is a beautifully preserved Edo Period (1603–1868) castle town located in the stunning Hida Mountains of Gifu Prefecture. Takayama’s remote mountain location has helped it retain its wonderful, traditional atmosphere and charm, making it a hidden gem that's slowly started to be discovered by tourists with keen eyes for the countryside.

5. Scenic Train Ride

One of the best parts about visiting Takayama is the spectacular train journey on the Hida Wide View Express as it twists and turns its way through the stunning landscapes and mountains of Gifu Prefecture. This journey is equally spectacular in winter, with amazing white landscapes and snowcapped mountains.

4. Peaceful & Relaxing Nature

Takayama is a small town that's surrounded by beautiful nature, from mountains and rivers to forests and streams. It's the perfect place to soak up Japan’s beautiful landscapes and relax with the peace and calm it offers. It's also gourmet food heaven, with Hida beef and top-quality sushi along with morning markets selling fresh local produce.

3. The Old Town of Takayama

The old town of Takayama, called Sanmachi, is one of its must-see sightseeing spots, with traditional streets and old Edo Period architecture. Many of the old buildings here are now craft shops selling traditional local crafts, restaurants serving local specialties and sake breweries offering Takayama’s finest.

2. Winter Landscapes

The beauty of Takayama rises a level in winter when the merchant houses of Sanmachi in the old district are covered in softly falling snow. The water from melted snow flows under the eaves and lattice bay windows of the old buildings while warmth protrudes from the fires inside.

1. Historic Temples

Takayama is home to an impressive collection of historic temples that you can enjoy by walking around the old town. The Higashiyama Temple Area began when the feudal lord of Takayama, Kanamori Nagachika, constructed a large number of temples on a slightly elevated hilly area of the town. The lord loved Kyoto, and it's easy to see why Takayama has earned the cool nickname of “Little Kyoto.”

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