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The American Who Inherited an Onsen

Tyler Lynch met his future wife on a trip to a hot spring inn. They were living in Seattle when fate intervened.

Top 5 Onsen for Fall Colors

Japan has as many locations famous for their autumn foliage as it has onsen—in other words, a lot!

How to Onsen in 15 Steps

Foreigners in Japan are always trying to figure out the onsen experience. The best way to ensure a great time is to make sure you walk in informed.

4 Soothing Onsen Day Trips from Tokyo

While these Kanagawa onsen and their surrounds are certainly worth an overnight stay, each can work equally as well as a day trip.

10 Things Not to Do in an Onsen

There are plenty of sites and pamphlets explaining how to visit an onsen like a pro. But how about a quick checklist of what not to do?

The 5 Best Sites for Onsen Orientation

There’s a bathload of sites out there on onsen, but we found our information pools best filled by the following sources.

Enjoy these 5 Onsen for ¥100 Or Less

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the relaxing experience of taking a long soak in an onsen while basking in breathtakingly natural beauty.

5 Incredible Snow-covered Onsen

This collection of winter snowscapes will help you beat the winter chill in the most unique way possible.

6 Things I love about Hot Springs in Japan

I'm a little bit addicted to going to onsen in Japan.

How to Onsen in 10 Minutes

Texan in Tokyo superblogger Grace Buchele Mineta finally lays down the primary onsen caveat that nobody ever talks about.

Adorable Capybara Hot Springs

Snow monkeys aren’t the only ones getting in the water in the winter.

Japan’s Oldest Hot Spring

Do you want to immerse yourself in a relaxing environment surrounded by rich Japanese history and architecture?

Japanese-style Onsen Around the World

Sure, hot springs can be found all over the world—but onsen are unique to Japan. Or are they?

The World’s Only Outdoor Ice Onsen

When Hokkaido's highest lake is covered in ice during winter, it features an igloo-style onsen.

A Guide to Onsen Water Types

All water isn’t the same. Every natural spring passes through layers upon layers of rock that can give the water a unique chemical makeup said to have a variety of health effects depending on the mineral content of the water.

Japan's Only 3-Michelin-Star Onsen

Head down to Oita for the spot that wowed Michelin for four years straight.

Onsen Myths of Fukushima

Onsen are an important part of Japanese culture, and they’re one of the things I missed the most while living in the U.S.

How Onsen 'Fixed' my Self-Esteem & Body Issues

Most women don’t like their bodies. On good days, I’m 98 percent OK with my body. On bad days, that figure hovers around 60 percent. But it wasn’t always like that.

The Real Spirited Away Onsen

Remember the red bridge and layered, rising walls of Yubaba’s hot spring hotel in Spirited Away?

First Onsen Experience in Japan

Onsen etiquette can be confusing for a foreigner visiting for the first time, and there are many small rules and customs that even many Japanese people aren’t quite clear on.