All About Japan


Miyako: A Short Film

I was searching for a train station, the kind you rarely see: small, countryside. We found it—and by accident, found something else, someone else: Miyako, the station master.

Mount Fuji Climbing

A pair of vloggers hit Japan's tallest mountain.

Japan 2015: Journey to Nagoya

Traveling to Japan with the mission of experiencing Japanese culture and music.

Japan Voyage: Osaka, Nara, Kyoto & More

A quick-flash tour of what to see, when to visit, how to get around, what to eat and drink, where to stay and what you shouldn't miss!

Colors of Spring

A wonderful trip to Hiroshima, Iwakuni, Miyajima, Fukuoka and Kyoto during cherry blossom viewing season.

My Solo Journey to Hida-Takayama

First I traveled from Nagoya Station to Takayama via JR Ltd. Express Hida (Wide View).

8 Simple Things You Must Do in Japan

A few simple things during a couple's trip in Japan, which turned out to be some of their top highlights and favorite memories.