All About Japan

What to Do When You're Sick in Japan

Find out how surgical masks, Pocari Sweat, 'okayu,' doctors, and Japan’s National Health Insurance fit into the mix!

Yakumi: Condiments with a Healthy Twist

Directly translated as 'medicine' (yaku) 'taste' (mi), yakumi originally served as antidotes to a variety of ailments.

Top 3 All-Natural Beauty Products from Gifu

Famous for its mountains and idyllic landscapes, Gifu Prefecture also produces many natural beauty and health products from its natural springs. Try any of these three products and feel rejuvenated in the comfort of your home!

Breaking Olympic Records with Prosthetic Limbs

Ken Endo returned to Japan in 2012 after researching robotic prosthetics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He now aims to help a Paralympic sprinter shatter the Olympic speed record.

Is Sushi Healthy?

Sushi seems kind of healthy, since it doesn't weigh down your digestive system much. And fish is healthy—right? So what could go wrong?

How Japan Deals with Digestive Problems

Even the land of the rising sun occasionally has stomach problems. Between the language barrier and the sheer amount of medicines available, such delicate situations can be a lot to digest. We're here to help!

Prosthetic Parts Enable Real Healing

Yukako Fukushima is the creator of cosmetic prostheses with wrinkles, veins and even fingerprints so lifelike they’re virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Surreal Funassyi Mashes Viruses with a Hammer

Funassyi goes extra-weird for an antiviral spray commercial.

Japan’s Top Cold Medicines

Never miss a day of work with these in your medicine cabinet!

Yuzu for Health & Beauty

Three distinct uses have been derived from yuzu: medicinal, cosmetic and culinary.

Creepy, Crawly... Human Caterpillars?

Inch your way across the court in Caterpillar Rugby, a game that allows people with physical disabilities to participate on the same level as able-bodied people.

Mao Asada Goes Kung-fu Against the Common Cold

Japan's darling figure skating champion faces herself in a Matrix-style rumble for cold medicine.