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Sharp Unveils Fog-Free Face Shields

Technology Health PR Tokyo Kanto

Electronics firm Sharp has developed face shields that do not fog up or glare like conventional products do. The company used liquid crystal display panel technology to create finely rough surfaces. Doing so suppresses reflection and allows liquid droplets on the surface to dry quickly.

Demand for face shields is increasing for occupations such as medical workers and store clerks amid the coronavirus. But users complained that fogging and glare can obstruct their view.

The prices for Sharp’s face shields start at 1,980 yen. A high-end version that uses a titanium frame goes for 8,980 yen. This type is made in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, known for manufacturing eyeglasses.

Customers can place orders on an online site starting November 9. If there are more orders than the number of products available, sale will be conducted by lottery.