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Bacon Pumpkin Stir-Fry

In this salty stir-fry, the flavor of the bacon combines with the Japanese pumpkin and is completed by the richness of the vinegar.

Rascal the Raccoon Halloween Donuts

Doughnut specialty shop Floresta offers up edible versions of the adorable literary and animated character.

10-Minute Caramel Pumpkin Sauté

All you need is pumpkin, butter, sugar and soy sauce. Dry roasted almonds optional!

5 Ghastly Ghosts of Japanese Toilets

From toilet-licking goblins to the local version of Bloody Mary, Japanese bathrooms are no strangers to haunting entities that lurk between the stalls.

Tommy Heavenly6's Halloween Addiction

While "I'm Your Devil (Halloween Remix)" remains a solid track, the rest of this EP is mostly a purposeless indulgence in Tommy's Anglophile fetish.

The Funassyi Cosplay Set

This set comes with everything you need to dress like a self-destructive, squeaky-voiced star!

¥100 Water Guns as Steampunk Accessories

All it takes is paint, time and creativity.

Shironuri Makeup Tutorial

Shironuri—literally, "painted in white"—is a Harajuku fashion style that's been almost singlehandedly revived by a young makeup artist who goes only by the name of Minori.

Nissin's Halloween Makeover

Choose from artistically Halloween-themed cup noodles, risotto, udon noodles and yakisoba noodles.

Is Tokyo Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

No, we don't mean Shibuya on October 31—we mean the real one, when the difference between Western and Asian zombies will be a key factor in determining your weapons of choice.

Nakano to Become Cosplay Central on Halloween

MAG Festa 2015 will turn the area around Nakano Station into anime heaven on October 31.

Chofu's GeGeGe no Kitaro Café

Kitaro Chaya—literally, Kitaro Café—is done up to look like a traditional Japanese home, the likes of which are often the setting for various Japanese ghost stories.

Costumed Taxi Drivers to Terrorize Shibuya

On October 29 and 31, Nissan is showcasing a fleet of NV200 taxis dressed up in Halloween costumes in Shibuya—complete with “monster drivers” behind the wheels.

Halal-Safe Hokkaido Halloween Chocolates

If you're in Hokkaido and happen upon these limited-edition Halloween chocolates, not to worry: they're all okay for Muslims!

Anime & Game Artists' Happy Halloweens

Anime News Network presents a superb selection of more than 60 Halloween images from Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Macross, One Piece, Nintendo, Crunchyroll, Sanrio and more!

Tokyo Aims for the World's Cleanest Halloween

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu comes out in support of the "Let's Gomi Zero" campaign.

Terrifying Dragon Ball Z Fan Art

Thanks to artist Edgar Gómez, we'll never see Dragon Ball Z in the same light again.

Halloween Shibuya 2014

How big will Halloween 2015 be? We don't know—but if Shibuya 2014 set the standard, it can only get crazier from here.

Skull Shaped Sugar from the Island of Shikoku

Designed by artist Nobumasa Takahashi, these black and white sugar skulls are perfect for a Halloween party—or just for sweetening your tea when you’re in a ghoulish mood.

New Masks Make Dragon Ball E-Z

Dress up as Super Saiyan Goku, Piccolo or final-form Frieza without all the trouble with hair spray and/or razors.