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How to Enjoy Sushi 'the Japanese Way'?

We're not sure exactly what that "the Japanese way" is, but this infographic will walk you through all the steps of dining in a high-end sushiya with confidence!

How to Make it to the Office the Day After

We all like to eat and drink endlessly, but nobody likes a stomachache or a hangover. Here are four Japanese tricks for beating the post-party blaaaaghs.

12 Reasons Why Japanese Bathrooms Are the Best

Adorable Aiko from "Life Where I'm From" outlines her very scientific reasons why Japanese bathrooms are second to none. She has us convinced!

How to Purify Yourself at a Japanese Shrine

Purify yourself in 15 (not-so-complicated) steps!

Where to Buy Bento Accessories in Japan

While the period before the start of school in April is the hot time for bento purchases, you can pick materials up at any time of the year at specialty shops.

The Low-Down on Where to Film in Tokyo

Video producer David Haruyama sits dows with AAJ to talk about his background, where to film in Tokyo, and advice on filming in Japan.

How to Fix 7 Common Mistakes in Your Japanese

Picking up another language isn't easy, and you're bound to make a few mistakes along the way. But if you brush up on these seven common mistakes, you'll be sounding more and more like a native Japanese speaker!

Japan’s Top Cold Medicines

Never miss a day of work with these in your medicine cabinet!

How to Install a Washlet: Star Wars Edition?

Toto's detailed (English!) Washlet installation video shows the galaxy how easy it can be to install a Washlet in your home star system.

5 Reasons the Japanese Language is Crazy

2,000 years of development can leave a pretty big linguistic jumble.

How to Navigate Japan With Just One Word

When people travel to a foreign country, they tend to try to pick up a few key phrases before they go: how to say hello, how to ask for the bill at a restaurant and so on. You can do that for Japan as well, but the truth is, you actually don’t need to.

How to Onsen in 10 Minutes

Texan in Tokyo superblogger Grace Buchele Mineta finally lays down the primary onsen caveat that nobody ever talks about.

How to Onsen in 15 Steps

Foreigners in Japan are always trying to figure out the onsen experience. The best way to ensure a great time is to make sure you walk in informed.

8 Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Tokyo

When it rains in Tokyo, it rains a lot. We've found eight unique ways to spend an entertaining rainy day in the metropolis.

47 Reasons Why Japanese Makes No Sense

Canadian rakugo comedian Katsura Sunshine riffs on some of the more ridiculous points of the Japanese language—including, in particular, the 47 ways he knows how to say "Thank you."

How to Handle Your Tattoos in the Onsen

Many onsen ban tattoos, and even among Japanese young people, a little over 60 percent still don't favor allowing them in the bath. But there's no need to fear: We've compiled some solid tips on how to enjoy the water.