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Fireworks Flying High All Across Japan

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Fireworks Flying High All Across Japan

Following the surprise five-minute fireworks festivals that appeared all over the country, we finally got some pictures of the event from fireworks fans at home. If you couldn't see them from your area, then keep scrolling for a stunning sample of summer.

As we posted before here, all 47 prefectures across Japan teamed up to host short fireworks festivals to encourage social distancing and cheer on the country in its fight against Covid-19. And some people were able to capture some gorgeous shots. Like these above from Twitter user @hacci07310731, showing beautiful rainbow patterns as well as incredible sakura blooms that try to make up for the missed cherry blossom season.

These fireworks, shot by user @naok_in_aud, show the essence of Gifu Castle and Nagara River under the magical glow.

These blue fireworks, as captured by @ise_photography, were shot up as a touching tribute to the hardworking medical workers.

Weather News LiVE was able to share simultaneous fireworks happening all across Japan. Why settle for one city when you can watch 12 at the same time?

And finally, some dazzling gold and copper fireworks over in Okayama Prefecture. Thanks to user @s5syou for these shots.

Were you able to see the fireworks from your place? Use the hashtag #CheerUpHanabi to see and share more pictures from this historic moment of solidarity.